Author and Entrepreneur Don-Alan Rekow has had business blood running through his veins from the time he was 10 years old.  Having had businesses throughout the world, Don-Alan has worked with many people and had various mentors who have helped him understand what it takes to make a successful business.  His unprecedented work on the COnCEPT Q Philosophy uniquely lays out an understanding that would be essential for everyone who desires to go into business.

A small portion of this work has been laid out in his book “GET OnQ!!” (SAbER Mounatin 2015) which is taught in Business Kids & Business Teens Academies.  Concepts are taught to kids from 6 to 12 years old and teens in a 2 month setting during the summer months.

SAbER Mountain Publishers and iSAbER TV have created Business Kids Academy to teach business ideas and basics that are not taught in basic public education.  Current educational systems have curriculum geared toward training a child for the general work force and not to be business owners.

The students at BKA are introduced to important principles and to local and national business leaders at a very young age.

America and the American Dream is founded on the idea of owning and operating one’s own business.  We want to help restore that. You can BET on Business Kids and Teens for the future!


The GET OnQ!! Book and GET OnQ!! Membership are open to those interested at learning some of the concepts taught at BKA.

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