In 2014 Passport to Boise offered us the opportunity to be part of their introduction of kids to Boise businesses.  As our hour-long event to teach kids a little about what we do, we offered the “Mini Shark Tank” allowing kids to come and participate as teams by creating an idea in a 15 min period and then present that idea to a panel of judges (the sharks).  From this platform, there have been several shining stars who captured the idea of the event and ran with it.  Gabrielle, a 6 “and a half” (that half was important to her) year-old, who wants to be a veterinary when she grows up and her partner 9 year-old Camille who wants to be a teacher, put their heads together, for 15 minutes and came up with ” 2 Girls for Dogs” a dog park with training facilities.

For being only 6 (and 1/2) Gabrielle knocks the ball out of the park.